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End of Things

Head bowed before my shrine I pray Peace be still Peace I say Heart so heavy But the spirits say “fight!” Candles flicker in the night “Fear not!”, the angels sing What comfort, what joy Is found at the end … Continue reading

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Sometimes I really miss my mom

I wish I had my mother’s faith That never seemed to waiver All the obstacles she had to face She thanked God for each new day And when her health failed and she lay dying She asked Her Father to … Continue reading

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A huge ‘Thank You’ to my friends

My momma always said, “Ask and you shall receive.” Though, possibly, it could be attributed to God or one of His scribes. In any case, these words most definitely apply to the days following my mother’s death. Mom didn’t have … Continue reading

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On my mother’s passing, part II

We had the funeral on Friday, June 29th at my mother’s church. It was simple and quite nice. The mortician made my mother look almost alive. I thought she was going to sit up in her casket. I swear I … Continue reading

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On my mother’s passing, part I

My mother died on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012. Earlier that morning she was in respiratory distress. A few hours later she was gone. My mother and I didn’t always get along. We clashed on a lot of things. She was … Continue reading

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