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My (Accidental) Mother’s Day

I had no intention to celebrate Mother’s Day this year…But my mother had other plans. Continue reading

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Shattered In My Soul

It’s that deep deep sorrow And you can’t even lift your eyes Every moment feels like you’re moving through water And it’s hard to breathe Struggling to take in air but you’re only taking on more water You’re drowning And … Continue reading

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Confessions and Self-Reclamation

I saw Medusa. Beautiful and terrible. I looked into her eyes and was not turned to stone. A few posts ago, I spoke of my battle with my inner demons. At the time, I had not yet made any moves … Continue reading

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Battling and Embracing the Medusa

In my last post I wrote about depression and posed some questions about how we, as people, can truly live with ourselves and love who we are. This topic has been on my mind a lot lately as I’ve been … Continue reading

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On being broken, but not shattered

I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been on a personal journey of sorts. The oft-repeated quote from Bilbo Baggins reminds us what a dangerous thing it is stepping out of one’s door. Once the door is open it can’t … Continue reading

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