Updated 10/19/2011:

My preferred gender pronouns are they/them/their. Please respect.

I am a Teacher. I attempt to teach within an anti-racist, social justice framework. I don’t believe in deficits. I want to meet you where you’re at and take you to where you want to go. Sometimes I make mistakes. I am happy to admit when I’m wrong. We can work together to find the answers.

I am an Artist. I like to root around in the garbage and make shit from what I find. I also take items from Nature: shells, seeds, leaves, sticks, berries, feathers. Especially feathers. I like to paint, sculpt with clay, build things with wood and draw across its skin with fire. I love the smell of glue. I make things both functional and beauteous. I attempt to recreate what I see in my dreams.

I can now tell you a little about myself in Scottish Gaelic and Polish. I can also hold a short, but substantial conversation in Slovak and I use the correct case at least half the time. My Slovak pronunciation is much improved. I understand much more than I can speak.

I learn something new every day.


So who am I? I’m still trying to figure that one out myself.

But here’s how I described myself in a recent reflection for one of my graduate courses:

I am constantly gaining new insights about myself and about how I see the world. I am a Black, mixed race person of African, Scottish, German, Polish and Ukrainian descent.

I am a female bodied genderqueer multi-gender-loving person. I am a polytheistic, Celtic Pagan ancestor worshipping person with Christian cultural roots.

I was born into a middle class nuclear family that became a broken working class family, spent five years living as a working poor person to become a lower middle class person with the soul of a poor labourer.

I am an American, a Southerner at heart, born and raised in the South and turned hardcore “citified” Midwesterner. If I become angry or excited you can catch the twang in my voice.

I am a native English speaker, a fluent Spanish as a second language speaker, a Black English language learner, a Slovak novice (Ako sa maš?), a Scottish Gaelic aspirer, and a Polish hopeful. I also picked up twenty-five hours of K’iché in Guatemala that one time.

…I am an Educator.

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