End of Things

Head bowed before my shrine I pray
Peace be still
Peace I say

Heart so heavy
But the spirits say “fight!”
Candles flicker in the night

“Fear not!”, the angels sing
What comfort, what joy
Is found at the end of things?

Climb the ladder
Try not to fall
Capitalism makes fools of us all

The bitterest herbs fill my bowl
No milk nor honey
Just the struggle to nourish my soul

Mothers, hear my cry
Ancient and strong
My feet grow weary and the road is long

Ancestors below and Gods above
Let me hear your voice
Fill me whole with your undying love

Let me not falter
Pluck the grief from my heart
Grant me the courage to make a new start

With purpose I strive
And surrender my faith
Remember, who raised you to survive

Momma gave me the tools and taught me to pray
Peace be still
Peace I say


About fenifuego

Just trying to make sense of myself and the world.
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