Heartbreak of Day

Sometimes I wake up crying
Sweet dreams shattered by the early morning light
My tears reflected a thousand times
As I gather the broken pieces
Rearrange them in the empty space beside me
Pray the rose petal shaped offerings of my blood are enough to bring back the dead
Try to remember where we were before the dawn
Eyes closed listening to the syncopated drumming of our hearts
Dew drop kisses
Bodies entwined
Then you were gone

It’s always the same
I take a breath then chant your name
My words won’t conjure you from the land of dreams
Won’t make you flesh and blood and bone to hold
Won’t keep your promise
Always, you said
Sun burned away the lies

Mother Moon rises
Once again your arms coil round my waist
Tell you that I missed you
Your stomach settles against the small of my back
Whispers in my hair
My secret name
That only you know
Igniting my soul
And I forget
The deceit of dancing shadows
And I forget
The sorrow that comes with the day
All I know is this
And it’s enough

Until the moisture on my face wakes me up
And I remember
You were never there

About fenifuego

Just trying to make sense of myself and the world.
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