Late Night Love Letters



True love come find me
At the top of the mountain
In a place where time stands still
Where the sun and moon share the day
And no dark clouds overhead
In this place of perfect peace
I’ll wait for you always

I will bathe my feet in the fresh spring waters
Cleansing myself of all who came before
Until there’s nothing left but you and I
No more “was” or “then” or “used to”
Just “now” and “here” and “what will be”

True love come meet me
At our journey’s end
We’ll rest ourselves in each other’s arms
Find joy in every breath
You’ll ask me how to love me
And I’ll take your hand and say:
This is the way…
This is the way…
Love me this way…
And you will
This day and every day
Forever always until

About fenifuego

Just trying to make sense of myself and the world.
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