Re-membrance of Self

Light returns
I raise my arms to greet Him
Dancing sun-wise
Singing soul songs

Darkness tried to swallow me
Despair pulled at my heart
Death called out from the stormy seas
How was I not dashed upon the rocks?

In the deepest cold
Daffodils break through the frozen earth
Life persists in the face of death
Skies clear as a new day breaks

We were not fashioned to dwell in caves
Our spirits reach for the Light
As sunflowers turn towards the sun
We revel in His presence and His promise

Running we stumble
Hands reach out to catch our fall
The struggle of faith is trusting
That we never walk alone

Light returns
Bathing me in His Love
Fear casts no shadow
Over those who remember to Whom they belong
Child of Light, REMEMBER, you are strong!


About fenifuego

Just trying to make sense of myself and the world.
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