Hero’s Journey

The Tower from The World Spirit Tarot

Five sharpened swords slash my skin
Lightning crashes all around
To destroy my castle sanctuary
A charioteer comes rolling past
Smashing crystal goblets underfoot
And he asks me, where I want to go
I tell him that I just don’t know
He says, I’ll circle back when you have your end in sight

So I pick up the pieces of my shattered life
Rainbows refracting from pure, white light
I know it’s an illusion but it makes me feel all right
To see those colors dancing past my eyes

I have visions of darkness and of fire
Of my sisters and brothers burning on a pyre
Of kings and paupers all laid low
By Mother Death singing dirges
Her shrill laughter chills my soul
She fixes her empty stare upon my face
Says, Are you ready to claim your rightful place
And rise like the phoenix from the dust of your mistakes

Death from The World Spirit Tarot

So I take her hand and waltz into the night
Smoking flesh and bones turn to charcoal
The Devil may take my body but he’ll never steal my soul
My chains fall away as I rise up from the grave

Breathing life into my dreams learning all I can
Knowing I’m not alone gives me courage to make a stand
Loving hands on my shoulder lend me strength
Mama whispers words of wisdom to comfort me
Sisters Grace and Charity remind me to share my blessings
With my angels by my side, love will be my guide
I’m climbing mountains and soaring high
God, grant me wings to fly

So I’m standing at the crossroads of my life
Got a knapsack in my hand thumbing for a ride
When he asks me where I’m headed I tell him take a hard right
Nothing worth having comes for free
I’m setting my course for victory

The Fool from The World Spirit Tarot


About fenifuego

Just trying to make sense of myself and the world.
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