A huge ‘Thank You’ to my friends

My momma always said, “Ask and you shall receive.” Though, possibly, it could be attributed to God or one of His scribes. In any case, these words most definitely apply to the days following my mother’s death.

Mom didn’t have any insurance. She was living in a nursing home and receiving disability and Medicare, all of which went to pay for the nursing home. My sister and I gave her money when she wanted to go a trip with the home or for snacks. We bought her clothes and other necessities. However, since May 2011, I’ve been underemployed and my sister makes just enough money to take care of herself. Although, we close the cheapest funeral options available and were given a few discounts and freebies, there wasn’t enough cash to pay for everything and keep us financially whole.

So, like many folks, we turned to our friends and the internet. We asked and we were heard. In two days, we were able to raise the necessary funds to pay for my mother’s funeral service and cremation. The response was amazing. Not only did our friends give money, but so did people we don’t even know that well and there were a few who are complete strangers to us. The messages that came with the donations were beautiful and touched us deeply.

My sister and I are going to send personal messages to everyone who gave, but I wanted to write a public acknowledgement of the generosity of others. In our digital age, it sometimes seems as though our sense of community is withering away. Neighbors don’t talk to each other and many of our friends aren’t local. Well, I have to say that what happened last week felt very much like community to me. Perhaps it wasn’t the small town community of my mother’s day, but it was there. We felt loved and supported and isn’t that what matters most?

So, THANK YOU ALL! Really and truly. My mother had a lovely funeral and, though we grieved, we felt very much at peace as we said our goodbyes.

This kindness and generosity will not be forgotten. We will pay it forward and, hopefully, we can extend the blessings that we have received.


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Just trying to make sense of myself and the world.
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