Out of the Ashes…

I’ve struggled with this blog for several years now. I’ve struggled to keep it alive. I’ve struggled with my desire (or lack thereof) to make time to sit down and relate my thoughts to the world. Part of me wonders why I can’t just leave it. The other part knows why and demands to be heard.

I’m no different from any other writer. I have thoughts, I have opinions, I have questions and I think that I have a lot to say and I want to express that. I also struggle with time, the need to prioritize other things and the fact that blogging feels like homework. I hate homework.

Since I’ve started my student teaching semester of grad school, my need to express myself has been stronger. There are things that I struggle with and that I know others struggle with as well. Classroom management, student engagement, the homework dilemma, writing rubrics. Also, how to I do the work and have some semblance of a life?

There’s also the other things that tend to be on my mind a lot: the Faith, Life, and Love that I reference in the blog’s subtitle. These are the things that are important to me. And though they are important and I spend a lot of time thinking about them, it seems like an extra chore to write it all out.

So why? Why do I do this? Does what I say or think really matter?

Part of me asks why. The other part already knows the answer. Let’s see if we can figure out what they know that I don’t.


About fenifuego

Just trying to make sense of myself and the world.
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