The True Spirit of Yule…

If I could sue the Christian Church, not only would I request an acknowledgment of the historical roots of the holidays they co-opted, but also reparations for every person or people that suffered, were enslaved, tortured or killed in the name of the Church or according to the supposed will of One God or Jesus Christ. It continues to amaze me that those that profess a faith that has such a beautiful, rich history, and that teaches love and compassion would condone violence towards other human beings.

But I suppose that is because we are merely humans–weak, corruptible and terribly flawed–so much so that we can destroy and degrade something as pure as religion. Which I guess isn’t really pure at all, because it took a human to notice the life giving powers of the sun and earth, to create stories for the daily events in the life of humans, and to write prayers and develop rituals for maintaining a relationship with these powers that eventually became known as spirits or Gods. And just like language, over time these ideas were expanded upon and altered until they became what we have today.

It seems that nothing is really pure at all. The world and its creatures are terrifically and beautifully flawed. And as much grief as it sometimes causes me, I’m happy it’s that way. I mean, who can stand to be perfect anyways? Isn’t that why we separate ourselves from our higher power?

I think that if people realized how powerful they really are, that the very God or Goddess they worship is embodied within themselves, there might not be a difference of religion, there wouldn’t be conflict because people would see the perfectness of creation, the holiness that exists within themselves and others, and they would understand the blasphemy of war, oppression, and violence.

Of course for many people such thoughts are blasphemous and most people would laugh at the thought of being a God. Still, others would try to use their inner power for evil purposes. Because at the heart of it all, we are still weak and corruptible. But that is why we pray. And I will continue to pray that humans come to their senses, and, like the light that returns each year at the God’s rebirth, they learn to shine their lights onto world to bring the Spring once more.


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Just trying to make sense of myself and the world.
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One Response to The True Spirit of Yule…

  1. snagamat says:

    I love this post, these insights.

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