Sorry, we’re out of bacon

So today, what was to be a routine trip to Chicago turned into disaster. A snow storm grounded nearly every flight in Ohio and there were no open seats on the few flights that were still scheduled. So, determined to make it to Chi-town for my 7am ICTS appointment, I hopped a train in route to RTA buses in the hopes of making it to Greyhound.

After spending an hour in the snow waiting for the bus, all of which had been re-routed due to construction, I made it to the Greyhound station to find the ticket counter closed. Back at 9pm is what the sign said. 9:10 came around and nobody was at the counter. Other people were waiting as well and people started to make their way to the Supervisor’s Office to complain. Still, after many people approached the office and made inquires/complaints, someone finally came to the ticket counter a little after 9:30. At which time I was told that there would be no buses leaving Cleveland for the rest of the night due to the weather.

Heartbroken and dejected, I went to the newly-opened restaurant area and ordered a cheeseburger with bacon only to be told that they were out of bacon. The fry-cook’s response seemed to sum up the entire evening for me: “Sorry, we’re out of bacon.” Yes, they most certainly were.

After dinner, I began a round of calls to all my friends and acquaintances in my attempt to find out who might be able to pick me up. To no avail. Shortly after I resigned myself to finding a filthy corner to sleep in, I received a call from one of my dearest friends who, coupled with another dear friend, gathered with a few other friends and un-dug some things and jumper-cabled some things and made their way to Cleveland to rescue me from the drafty Greyhound bus station. I was saved!

I write to you now from my warm and cozy room in Oberlin completely safe and sound thanks to my beautiful friends:
And thanks to Andria for being my life line in Chicago!

Thank you all sooo much! You were there when I needed you and are very much appreciated.


About fenifuego

Just trying to make sense of myself and the world.
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